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Hope opened her eyes. Finally... the new year in school. After her 18 birthday she finally managed it to get over her shy image and her allways nervous way with strange people around. She could speak with others without getting nervous or sweating hands. She made a lot of friends in her class and she entered a few schoolteams. She even made it into cheerleadersteam. And now... the next class just wait for her to get through.

The door opened and Rex, her dog entered the room. He jump on the bed and started to lick her face.

„Awww. Good morning Rex. How was your sleep Sweety?“. Hope patted the head of the dog and he wagged his tail. „So... i better get up. I don’t want to be late for my first day.“

She stood up and walked toward the bathroom. Rex followed her.

„Hope had a good night?“ Rex asked. „Yes Rex. I had a wonderfull sleep. But now pardon mje I have to shower.“ Hope walked in the bathroom and closed the door in front of Rex nose. The dog layed down and putted the head on the paws.

After a few minutes later Hope jumped out of the shower and stood in front of the mirror.
„Ok...Today it’s the day. I waited for it so long and now I finally have the chance to let my past go by.“

At the breakfasttable she was very hasty and Rex allways stroked around her feet. „Aww coe on Rex lay down. You annoy me.“

„I’m sorry Hope.“ Rex layed down and looked up to her. After a few pieces of ham she putted into the dogs mouth she finished her breakfast and went to school.

A few friends from her old class were in her new class too and they all stood in front of the school. All the students meet the first time. Two of the classmates where Sarah and Terry. They were twins and lived a few blocks away from Hope. They started to talk and in no time they all were friends.

A few months later...

Hope was happy. It was Friday and one of the good old sleepovers where near. She invited Sarah, Terry, Melinda and Grace. They all were the best friends in the class and they jad a lot of fun they were together. The house was empty expect of Hope and rex. The parents were gone and wont come back till Sunday. Everything was prepared. Snacks, movies and a bunch of funny games.

Later that evening after dinner and by watching a movie Hope noticed that Melinda and Grace falled asleep. They all go upstairs and layed down to sleep. But Sarah, terry and Hope stayed up and talked alot.

„And? What is your deepest wish?“ Sarah asked. Hope was a little bit confused, but she giggled and don’t thought about it. „Well... I wished I had a small sland somewhere in the carribean with a single house on it with a small sign in front of it with the letters: Do not disturb...“

They all laughed and after a few moments Hope asked back.

„And what is your deepest wish, Sarah?“. Hope smiled, but Sarah got quiet.

„Well... I love horses. I love them like nothing else in the world. It goes so far that.... i wished I would be a horse.“

Terry sighed and layed her head on her arms. „Oh my that again.“

„What’s up Terry?“, Hope looked confused at her.

„Pff.. it’s just that my sister allways talk about beeing a horse. Since the kindergarten she want to be a horse or a pony or something.“

„Oh..and what is your wish, Terry?“

„Oh nothing big. I just want to be a little bit smaller. I think I’m to big for my age and my body.“

Late at night Hope layed awaken in the bed. She thought about the words of Sarah. This reminds her on the situation with Rose a year ago. She thought about if it would work again a second time...

She couldn’t help. She thought about this over and over again. Till...

One day it rangs on the door and Sarah was alone at home. She went to the door, but noone was there. Just a letter with her name on it.

„Hmm.. strange... Dear Sarah. If you want your wish come true meet me at my home. I try my best to make your dream get real. Hope...“.

She layed the letter away and thought a short moment. „What could she mean?...I think it will be the best if I go over to her and ask.“

In no time she walked over to Hopes house and ringed at the door.

„Oh wow..that was quick.“ Hope said at the door. They both went in and walked out to the backyard.

„Uhm..Hope.. what have you mean in your letter? I must say I’m a little bit confused.“

„Well Sarah... You told me about your wish..of beeing a horse. And maybe I have a way to make you one...“

Sarah just looked at her friend. She couldn’t believe what she said.

„You kidding Hope, right? This is impossible.“

„Oh yeah?“,She whistled with her fingers and a dog comes runned to her feet. „Sarah, this is Rex. Or better said..this is Rose. She was a friend of me and some day it happened... I still don’t know how but..she turned into a dog. And just because of one of my plushies.“

Sarah felt a little bit confused and scared about her friend. „ know hat this sound very strange?“

„Well then... Rex? How are you?“
„ Oh Rex is very fine thank you Hope.“ , the dog said and wagged his tail.

Sarah could just stay there with open mouth. „Tha..that dog talked!!!“

„As I told you. And ...I thought about giving you..this...for your wish...“ Hope walked away to a shed and came back. With a big horseplushie under her arm. It was a little bit bigger than Hope and it looked very cute. She carried it next to her and made a step back.

„ Oh my that’s so nice from you, but.... this must have been expensive.“

Sarah walked around the plushy and felt the soft fur. „Oh my that is so nice from you...but what have this to do with my wish?“

„Could you put your hand in his mouth please? I think this will answer your questions. But first... Are you really sure to become a horse? I mean it serious.“

Sarah still thought that Hope would kidding and so she giggled and putted the hand in the plushies mouth. Suddenly she felt a pinch in her hand. It was jjst a second, but she could swear that it was...a bite.

„Oww.. What was that?“, Sarah said by rubbing her hand.

„ happens again...“, Hope smiled a little bit nervous and in this second Sarah heared a hissing noise.

„Wha...whats happening with me? I feel so lightheaded.“

Sarah couldn’t move. Her body felt so weak and limb. With a loud gasp she saw her legs looklike wrinkle up and shrink down. Now her full body starts to look kind of deflate and fall on the floor like a pile of clothes. Hope steped next to her and get down on her knees. Sarah tried to move but she was just a helpless rag of skin on the floor. She whimpered and shivered, but was unable to move.

„I warned you. But don’t worry. Soon your wish come true.“

Hope grabbed the helpless girlrag from the floor and lifted it over to the horseplushy. A silent whimper is to hear as Hope started to stretch her mouth wider and wider with all her power. A rubbery stretching sound is to hear as she reach a big size. Then Hope smiled and placed the far stretched mouth over the hooves of the plushy. With all her strength Hope pulled the raggirl over the horse and felt her friend shiver under the stress. After a few moments her former body fit perfect over the horse. A few last pulls and the skin covers perfect the shape of the plushy.

„Whaa..what did you do with me?“, Sarah pressed out weakly. A shiver runned over her new body and she could feel her inside heat up.

„Ok. Now you are a real horse. Try to move.“, Hope smiled and softly rubbed Sarahs long neck.

„Ohhhww... this feels so strange...“ the horsegirl made a few carefull steps and nearly falled.

„Don’t worry. You will get it after a few more tries. And you have a lot of time to learn it.“

After a few more steps Sarah managed it to walk like a horse. Rex walked over and sniffed on her.  Silent whimper is to hear as the dog walked over to Hope and layed down next to her feet.

„It’s so wonderfull. I’m a real horse. This is what I allways wanted! How did you do this?“

„I don’t know. All I know is, that it’s forever and that you better act like a real horse now or some people get curious about you.“

„Huh? What do you mean?“, Sarah looked nervous at Hope as she saw her grin wide.

„I mean I have to keep you like a real horse or you end in a circus or something worse.“, Hope giggled and walked away. A few moments later she came back with a saddle.

„Oh no !! What are you doing?“, the horse made a few steps back in fear.

„I told you. You are my horse now. And I keep you in my backyard.“

With these words Hope placed the saddle on her back and bound it under her belly. Then she putted a bridle on her and smiled wide.

„Hehe. Now you are ready for a ride.“

Hope jumped on her back and after a short gasp Sarah noticed that she could hold the weight and still felt strong enough to walk around. Sarahs mind was terrible in conflict. On one side she loved it to be a horse. But on other side she was still not believing that she have to be a horse forever now and in Hopes charge.

„Uhm..Hope..please..I have enough. Could you please turn me back now? I have to go.“

„My sweet horse Sarah. I told you before. I cant turn you back. You are a horse now. And you are my horse.“ Hope gave the bridle a hard pull and the horses head was pulled down. By this Sarahs mind was pinching again and slowly she could feel her mind swap away.

„So. Now that you be my horse I promise to take care on you. I bet you are hungry now. Rex here ate all my socks after I transformed her into my dog.“. Hope giggled and looked amused at the sleeping dog.

„Now that you say...I feel really a litle bit hungry...“

„I took care of this.“, the riding girl smilrked and slided down. She walked into the shed and came back with a bag. On the bag was a leatherbelt. Hope putted the bag on Sarahs head and she smelled the spicy scent of oats. Hungrily the newborn horse started to eat.

„Hehe... maybe next time you will be carefull what you wish...“

With a hand on the horses neck she smiled by watching it eating.

The end
this story is a new request of a friend :)

i hope it came out like he wanted it ^^
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jakergbeck Featured By Owner May 18, 2013
Wasserball Featured By Owner May 19, 2013
Aha... I have no idea what you want to say with that
tr0110mg Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2010
I noticed Terry made a wish too. Is the next story going to be her getting it?
Squishjunkie Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2009
Wow! That was pretty neat. There still are some girls who won't watch what they wish for. You are getting better with the tranformation part of the story and youe english part in the story is getting better,too.
You also brought Rex the female dog back to heighten the story. Nice work here. :)
Wasserball Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2009
thank you ^^

i just would want to know if the one who requested this like it too^^;

i posted it and i got a note but i still wait for the third part ^^

he asked me about it ^^

and i wished i would get more requests ^^;

i kind of like it to write for others :)
Squishjunkie Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2009
I didn't know who it was that requested you to write the story. I like how
you slightly did a continue to the last story of the same subject. It's almost like a "be careful what you wish for" scenario. :D
Wasserball Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2009
i cant tell you who asked me ^^

but i hope he call me soon if he like the story^^

and yes i hope it came out good hat hope isnt so shy anymore :P
Squishjunkie Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2009
That what was part of a good story you did. Nice work. :D
Wasserball Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2009
thank you^^
Squishjunkie Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2009
You're so kind and you're welcome. :)
Wasserball Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2009
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